You’ve 15 Years Experience, What’s the Point?

Few days back I was having a conversation with my new friend Babar Zia about efficiency of an experienced person. He made a point, which pushed me in thoughts and made me restless. Here is what he said:

“People come and say, we have 10+ years of experience of doing this and that. But did you actually learned from the experience and most importantly, did you change your actions. This is the point to consider when you work with someone.”

It looks simple at first, but by digging in you can easily discover how continuously we ignore changing our actions. I’m 23 now, but I’ve been doing the same mistakes lately, I wasn’t changing some of my actions, I wasn’t celebrating my mistakes as much as I should have.

Now I’m throwing ball in your court, did you change any of your action? If yes, how? If not, are you considering changing some of your actions after reading this.

I think it’s time for me, you, your business and everyone to initiate the change. Let’s stop doing that, and start changing. 😉 Share your thoughts in the comment below.


  1. Abdullah Syed says:


  2. Marek Lutz says:

    Hey Waqas, nice point! Actually, I think I usually do take the learning from own mistakes & experience and change my actions accordingly. I used to be too structured and in-flexible but experiences taught me that a good level of flexibility brings more results than detailed plans. And many other learnings over past few years changed me 🙂

    (btw – I love this comment box, what’s the plugin? :))

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